Pilates – Yoga – Gyrotonic

  • Gyrotonic Jumping-Stretching Board at Anassa Fitness Dubai
  • Gyrotonic Pulley Tower at Anassa Fitness Dubai
  • Pilates Reformer at Anassa Fitness Dubai
  • Pilates Mat at Anassa Fitness Dubai
  • Infrared Sauna at Anassa Fitness Dubai

Pilates – Yoga – Gyrotonic at Anassa Fitness Studio in Dubai

Welcome to Anassa Fitness Studio

We are a Boutique Fitness Studio in Dubai offering Classes and Personal Trainings that will transform the way your body looks and feels

Pilates Exercise on ReformerPILATES CLASSES

Tone and sculpt your body, strengthen core muscles, improve posture, balance our body, improve flexibility and alleviate pain… Read more

Gyrotonic Leg Extension exerciseGYROTONIC® CLASSES

A three dimensional movement that strengthen and stretches the spine and musculature system to increase mobility, and balance… Read More

Hatha Yoga ExerciseYOGA CLASSES

Relax and calm your mind, tone and lengthen muscles, lose weight and purify and clear your mind allowing your body to detox… Read More


Delivers a fast and effective total body workout to boost your heart rate, burn calories and sculpt your entire body… Read more


Tone, slim and stretch with this fun ballet-inspired workout using the barre, mini-balls and hand weights… Read more


Enhance your physical fitness in a fun and energetic way with our range of High Intensity Interval Training fitness classes… Read more


Study, practice and earn a mat or comprehensive certificate to become a Power Pilates Trainer with the World Leader in Classical Pilates Teacher… Read more


Pursue a successful Fitness Career by joining our worldly recognized Teacher’s Training Programs of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®… Read more

Infrared & Chromotherapy SaunaINFRARED & CHROMOTHERAPY SAUNA

Detoxify your body while boosting your immunity, losing weight, purify your skin, reduce stress and rejuvenate and … Read more

Transformative fitness for the mind, body and soul

Stretch, strengthen and sculpt your body with our wide range of GYROTONIC®, Pilates, Yoga, TRX and Barre Fitness classes. Whether you are looking for a fun group class, one-on-one session, or small group 3-to-1 training, we have a class to suit every need and budget. Our sessions are customized to suit individual needs for all levels, from beginners right up to professional athletes. Click on each activity to know more…


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