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Anassa is the Fitness destination in Dubai for everyone who wants to reach his true potential of inner balance and astonishing performance


Having your optimal performance as our first priority. We prefer to keep our sessions as tailor made as possible. You can select between one… (more)


Known in the US, Europe, and Asia under the trademark GYROTONIC®, a unique system of exercise that incorporates movement principles… (more)


Yoga promotes relaxation, reduces stress and improves some medical conditions.Yoga is considered to be… (more)

Group Classes

Our mission is to offer you the best Mind and Body practises and exercise forms, help you reach your vision of health, vitality and inner… (more)

Gyrotonic® Anassa Dubai

We are proud to offer the largest GYROTONIC® exercising and Teacher Training Facility in Dubai. Our studio’s high standards and qualifications… (more)

Infrared Sauna

The gentle heat from an infrared sauna penetrates your body and raises your internal temperature. This triggers a deep and cleansing sweat that… (more)


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