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Matwork or Pilates without equipment, is the foundation of the original Pilates Method. Joseph Pilates designed these series of exercises having in mind that each and every individual will be able to exercise on his/her own time, being completely independent from the supervision of a trainer. In a Mat class you will apply the Pilates Principles while exercise against gravity. Although the Matworkout is the core of Pilates Method, not everybody can perform it. The trainer will provide all the necessary small specialized accessories or support in order to perform each exercise with accuracy and safety while keeping everyone properly challenged as per their fitness level.

** Open Level class, if you have any health or injury concerns please consult your trainer prior entering the class.

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CLASSICAL BALLET is for adults with previous ballet training and solid technique. Can process more complicated sequences, can execute barre exercises with greater speed and accuracy and is expected to coordinate arm and leg movements smoothly. Center floor work requires a greater ability to use core strength and balance and incorporates more challenging petite and grande allegro steps and turns.

***Ideal for Beginner 2 / Improver

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