Anassa is a contemporary Gyrotonic® and pilates studio offering professional instruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.


A place to nurture minds, bodies & spirits

Anassa is a peaceful, contemporary space for those who wish to gain the many benefits of Gyrotonic and Pilates.

We focus on keeping class sizes small to properly coach and instruct students on an individual level. This personal service has become our hallmark and in-turn our classes are often booked well in advance. Our instructors come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, making Anassa a diverse collective of expertise.

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Private sessions are ideal for designing a program that addresses your unique fitness needs and goals. You will work under the close supervision of our expert instructor to learn how to manage and care for your body in ways that are supportive through life. Your first private session will include posture analysis and a consultation with your certified instructor to design a program that meets your individual fitness goals. Sessions involve a series of exercise performed on specialized apparatus and on mats to enhance the movements in a variety of positions. You will be given stretches and exercises as homework to further your progress, giving you tools to bring Pilates into your daily life and ultimately empowering you toward your true wellbeing.


Blending our signature methodology with the atmosphere of a shared class, semi-private sessions give experienced Anassa clients an opportunity to spend time training with an instructor in a small group setting. Small group settings will help you to achieve the best results and increased attention from our expert instructors.

A great option for couples, class mates, and close friends who want to experience the Anassa Fitness approach, semi-private sessions allow up to three clients to participate in a joint training session with one of our experienced Anassa instructors.

Mara Tataki

Founder & Head Instructor
Pilates trainer

Katie Line

Pilates Instructor

Claire Gaudin

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor

Mirka Mantzari

Pilates Instructor

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