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PreNatal Pilates workouts

November 30, 2019

Why PreNatal Pilates Exercises are so important?

Some mothers-to-be are cautious about exercising, practicing breathing and relaxation exercises during pregnancy due to concerns about harming the baby.

However exercise during pregnancy is a crucial part of keeping active and dealing with your changing shape and weight. Prenatal Pilates is an excellent way of keeping fit and in-shape throughout pregnancy. It helps the body to prepare for the physical demands of labour.

Pregnancy, breathing Exercises for pregnant women at Anassa Dubai (more…)

Working out one-on-one with a trainer can be very productive and extremely effective: you may concentrate on yourself and train at your own pace or level, planning each session according to your weekly schedule. Yet, this is not always true: some of us may lose motivation when exercising alone, and feel instead more inspired in the company of another. (more…)

Prenatal Pilates

Miraculous changes happen to your body in each trimester of your pregnancy, but each phase presents new challenges and concerns for expecting mothers. For all you soon to be mamas, we have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions our Pilates trainers get asked. 


Learn How to Move Your Body with Pilates and Change Your Life Forever

Pilates is not just one more fitness trend. This method has been changing bodies and lives for almost a century. Nothing can help you understand it better than personal trainings. This experience will stay with you forever.



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