Exercise is wonderful starting point to a soon to be mother to connect with her body and baby as well as to relax.

It’s a 9 month journey to prepare the expectant mother for what lies ahead. The connection of mind & body together in particular is essential in order to strengthen certain areas such as for the pelvic floor. Building strong core-stabilizing muscles around the spine and improving the breathing pattern, you prepare the body for the changes that will occur. During the Prenatal Mat class, you will be using specialized props for support and challenge; this class will keep your energy levels high while strengthening your muscles…additional bonus: it will sustain a healthy body weight! The spring resistance used in a Prenatal Reformer Pilates class is a great way to strengthen the body while extending and working in full range of motion. This class is the perfect start for expecting mothers; only prerequisite is your written doctor’s approval and then jump start to an amazing fitness journey with the impressively knowledgable and also soon-mom-to-be herself our favorite trainer Paula Uribe!

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