Pilates Mat Plus class will take your workout to the next level by using small equipment such as resistance rings, flex bands, toning balls, foam rollers etc. This workout is designed for those ready, and wanting a tougher challenge. At this level, you should have already achieved and developed increased core strength, heightened mind-body awareness and coordination, and are able to accurately and effectively perform Essential Mat exercises.


This is a great class for all levels, especially those new to Pilates. It will be a full body Pilates workout while teaching you how to apply the five basic principles to strengthen the body safely and effectively while maintaining proper technique.  In every class, you will be standing, lying flat on your back, lying on your stomach, on hands and knees, lying on your side, and you will take your spine through a full range of rounding, arching, twisting, and side bending.


A GYROKINESIS® class starts by “awakening” the nervous system and promoting concentration within oneself. The pelvis and spine starts warming-up through simple and rhythmical moving patterns, expanding to all possible directions releasing hip, knees, hamstrings and upper body. This first part of the class is performed sitting on a stool, and aims to prepare and open up the body, creating a passageway for energy to begin flowing. Then, follows a series of more intense exercises performed on a mat, which strengthen the hamstrings, connect the upper with the lower body, encourage rotation and articulation of knee and hip joints, and lengthen the torso. The class ends with more “intense” abdominal exercises targeting the entire abdominal structure and by returning to an upright position, where participants restore energy balance to the body.

GYROKINESIS® is not just an exercise, but a holistic experience,  totally beneficial to every part of our being!

Some of the benefits you’ll experience joining a GYROKINESIS® class are:

  • improvement of balance
  • coordination and neuromuscular control
  • increase of stamina with minimal impact to the joints
  • reduction of stress-levels, improvement of focus and clarity mind

For best results, all Group classes are limited to 10 students.

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