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Gyrotonic Dubai

  • Well known in the US, Europe, and Asia, Gyrotonic is A unique system of exercise. It incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, Tai chi, gymnastics and swimming.
  • Founder Juliu Horvath created equipment and movements that simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments. Juliu is gymnast, swimmer and ballet principal with the Romanian National Ballet. He moved to the USA in the 1970’s and developed a system of yoga (GYROKINESIS®) that expands a person’s potential. Juliu then created a method done on his unique hand crafted wooden equipment (GYROTONIC®). He made his style of yoga, both more accessible and challenging for many different users’ abilities and needs.
  • Most weight-training machines are designed for linear expression. Juliu’s machines facilitate the circular movements originating in the joints. Exercises synchronized with yoga breathing develop flexibility, joint articulation, stamina, balance, coordination, and increased blood circulation. It is the ideal training program for dancers, athletes, sports enthusiasts, children, the elderly and injury rehabilitation clients.




Our Gyrotonic Dubai Classes

  • Whether you are looking for an inspiring group GYROKINESIS® class, GYROTONIC® Trio group training or one-on-one Personal Training session, we have a class to suit every need and budget. Our classes are customized to serve individual needs and are offered to all types of levels, from beginners up to athletes. Check our scheduled classes at and book your spot today.




Teacher’s Training Center

  • We are officially authorized by GYROTONIC® headquarters to conduct Teacher Trainings in our studio in Dubai. We are proud to be a Gyrotonic model studio for the GYROTONIC® method due to our high standards and qualifications.
  • Different levels of trainings are available on different equipment: Pulley Tower, Gyrotoner, Jumping/stretching board, Arch and leg extension unit. Please visit Gyrotonic headquarters for more information
Anassa Fitness Gyrotonic studio - Pulley Tower - jumping stretching board - Gyrotoner - Leg extension - Arch


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