What about yoga classes in Dubai?

More often, we associate yoga with stretching or relaxation and meditation. You would always hear the words stillness, breath, letting go and devotion. All these are few of the many facets of yoga that affects one’s quality of life. Yoga is considered an ancient medicine with a wide array of benefits not just physically. One’s state of mental health, overall wellbeing and spirituality could greatly improve if consistently practiced.

Yoga is a physical activity consisting mainly of postures (asanas), connected by flowing sequences called vinyasas. It is most of time accompanied by rhythmic breathing (pranayama), and ending with relaxation or meditation. Yoga as exercise has a variety of names and types.

Hatha yoga

Let’s focus on Hatha yoga which is a combination asana and pranayama. Hatha Yoga methods achieve the goals of greater health and general well-being through deeper self-awareness. Hatha is an umbrella under which the following styles fall several style, of which:

  • Ashtanga Yoga: A vibrant approach of Hatha yoga exercise entailing energetic and strenuous flow from posture to posture
  • Vinyasa Yoga: A style of Hatha yoga exercise connecting postures in synchronization with the breath.

Yoga has been popular throughout the world now. Yet many still think that it is just for certain groups of people. I completely disagree. Yoga is accessible to everyone, any age range, any gender. It is non-discriminatory. Some people think that yoga is just for the strong and flexible. As a matter of fact, yoga can be adjusted to suit men and women of different body types and fitness levels. It is not just for the young, athletic and graceful. It is also for the elderly, weak, underweight and overweight, the inflexible and uncoordinated. Yoga is for EVERYONE. We just have to be open and willing to practice it.

Stretching yoga class

Throughout this October I will be sharing with you all the beautiful facts about this ancient practice of wellbeing! Follow this journey from our social media and come and join me in my yoga classes in Dubai. You will find one every day on our October updated Schedule. Thanks! Daphne.