Learn How to Move Your Body with Pilates and Change Your Life Forever

Pilates is not just one more fitness trend. This method has been changing bodies and lives for almost a century. Nothing can help you understand it better than personal trainings. This experience will stay with you forever.

Maximize Your Workout During Group Classes

“Imprint your spine”, “neutral pelvis” and “close your ribcage”, are a few of the different cues you hear in a Pilates Class. Do you understand in depth what they all mean and whether you are doing it right? In a group setting, it is simply impossible for the instructor to assist each and everyone on a personal level, especially those who are new to the method. The attention you get in a series of 1-on-1 sessions will teach you the proper alignment and will help you understand how each exercise should “feel” when executed right. In simple words: You will learn how to be independent and work with precision each and every time!

Learn How to Apply the Pilates Principles Within Your Own Body

Every individual’s body has its own strengths, weaknesses and its own unique way of moving and perceiving motion. Pilates, on the other hand, has its own special anatomical terms and it requires precision on how to breathe, use your core muscles and coordinate your body in order to produce the perfect result. Starting your Pilates life-changing journey with a series of Personal Training sessions will help you understand how your body works, reacts and you will learn how to control your breath and your core muscles. It will teach you how to be independent and practice either on your own or within a group while knowing all the tricks and secrets of the method.

If You Do the Math You’ll See It Actually Costs Less

If you are new to Pilates and are intimidated by the cost of a series of Pilates Personal Trainings and you think it’s better to join a class instead, you will actually end up paying more to get the results you are looking for. Learning how your own body works and understanding how to apply the Pilates Principles can literally change not just the way you look and feel but your overall health. Isn’t it a pity to go for less and never get the benefits of an in-depth knowledge of Pilates? Save time and look great faster!

Perform Better in Any Sport or Fitness Activity

Pilates Method realigns the body, corrects posture and rebalances muscles. Work with your trainer in a series of Personal Training sessions and you will find yourself changing the way you move. You will move better, utilizing more muscles, putting less strain on your joints, neck and lower back. It will actually help you get the most out of your spin class, treadmill, cross fit or any other physical activity you do!

Recovering from an Injury? One Extra Reason to Invest in Your Health

If you suffer from chronic back, neck or shoulder pain, or you are recovering from injuries, you have one extra and very important reason to invest in Pilates Personal Training sessions. Many Pilates trainers are specialized to treat specific cases such as pregnant women or senior citizens and you can also find trainers with studies and experience in Physical Therapy. Precision, control and perfect execution will help you get through the pain and restore full function of your body. Is there anything more valuable than enjoying life pain free?

Mix and Match

Just start with some Pilates personal trainings, learn the secrets and how to apply the magic of this method in your own body. Then jump in any class you feel it motivates you the most and every time you want to perfect your technique or you are not sure how some new exercises should “feel” you can always book some 1-on-1 time with your favorite trainer.