Having your optimal performance as our first priority. We prefer to keep our sessions as tailor made as possible. You can select between one to one or semi private to work on the full range of specialised Pilates equipment and develop strong core muscles, stretch and tone your body applying the Pilates principles.


Pilates is best described as an intelligent form of exercise, developed by the German exercise specialist Joseph H. Pilates starting in early 1900’s. Pilates uses controlled movements following five basic principles; Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Rib Cage Placement, Shoulder Blade Movement & Stabilization, Head & Cervical Placement, which build body strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a full body conditioning exercise that won’t result in bulky muscles. Instead, the movements serve to lengthen your muscles as it strengthens them.

‘’A man is as young as his spinal column.’’ Joseph Pilates

Pilates is for people of all ages, aptitudes and fitness levels and compliments other forms of exercise as well as emphasizing the balanced development of the body through the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Core strength
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased co-ordination
  • Improved Posture
  • Relief from back pain
  • Recovery from Injury
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise
PILATES Reformer

Reformer is often considered more dynamic than its Mat counterpart as most of the exercises are performed through greater ranges of motion, involving resistance that is applied from both springs and ropes. The Reformer was initially created to compliment the movements that Pilates originally called “Contrology exercises”, and was designed to prepare Pilates students for the more advanced mat work exercises. In recent times, the Reformer is not only used to prime students for floor-based exercises, it is also used as a progression from these movements with more advanced participants. The Reformer serves the same purpose as many of the mat-based Pilates movements by accelerating developments in flexibility, strength and body alignment.

PILATES Equipment Circuit

Our Circuit classes are exciting and challenging workouts that draw from all available Pilates dedicated machines and small equipment over a 55minute session. For those who like variety, you’ll never do the same workout twice! You must have completed at least 10 sessions of Mat and 3 private 1-to-1 sessions to fully benefit from these classes!