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Well, did you know that Pilates (or known earlier as Contrology) is a fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates, who grew up with a passion of body conditioning and strength while he was battling asthma and other sicknesses as a child. He was strongly influenced from the Eastern Traditions of Mindful Body conditioning, particularly its focus on calmness of the mind that helps the body to relax and stretch which is known today as Yoga. At the same time, he mastered the Western Approach of fitness of that time, which was influenced from the ancient Greek culture of exercising the body, developing muscular tone and strength such as running, wrestling and gymnastics.

The Pilates Method is a total body-conditioning workout for both men and women that blend Eastern and Western philosophies of physical and mental conditioning. Every workout can be modified and adjusted to an individual’s abilities regardless of age or physical restrictions. The Pilates Method was designed to teach practitioners how to gain mastery of their minds over the complete control of their bodies. In simple words: We are all aware of the 5 senses – smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch- however, by shifting our focus into controlling different parts of our body so that we produce a movement of a specific quality we develop one more very importance sense: the one of understanding how our body functions, what feels “wrong” or “right”, how to prevent ourselves from getting injured. We become able to read the signs of our own body and all this just by practicing Pilates a couple of times per week.


The Pilates workouts are also designed to stretch and lengthen all major muscle groups in the body in a balanced way. This helps to improve overall physical condition, sense of balance, muscular strength, flexibility, stamina as well as developing a person’s breathing and cardiovascular function. Below are some of the common benefits that come with regular Pilates workouts:

  • Helps to create a better posture for your body
  • Helps in relieving muscle/joint related pain
  • Helps in alleviating stress
  • Helps with your focus and concentration
  • Helps with increasing your own body awareness and flexibility
  • Helps to get your body back to pre-pregnancy figure

Our Classes

Our Classes that are designed for all ages, shapes and fitness levels.Our Pilates studio in Dubai is a beautiful and peaceful space, fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including wooden reformer beds and sophisticated springboards. We have designed our Pilates classes in Dubai to be extremely friendly for new participants with our introductory class – Mat or Pilates without equipment. At the same time, we also have intermediary and advanced level classes that are suitable for Pilates professionals such as Tower and Reformer.

PILATES MAT (Class Name: MatPlus)

Mat work or Pilates without equipment is the foundation of the original Pilates method. Joseph Pilates designed these series of exercises having in mind that each and every individual will be able to exercise on his/her own time, being completely independent from the supervision of a trainer. In a Mat class you will apply the Pilates Principles while exercising against gravity.  Although the Mat workout is the core of Pilates Method, not everybody can perform it. The trainer will provide all the necessary small specialized accessories* or support in order to be able to perform each exercise with accuracy and safety while keeping everyone properly challenged as per their fitness level.

*specialized accessories: flex bands, toning balls, foam rollers and spine correctors which will you  take your Pilates practice to a whole new level in minimum amount of time.

PILATES TOWER (Class Name: TowerPlus)

This class utilizes the Tower Equipment* and the Spine Correctors** to achieve the best possible results. It is the versatile class that compliments the Mat workout and is great way to teach a body to move, especially for people with stiff back or spinal problems. It also builds overall strength, agility and helps improve the alignment of the body.

*Tower is a versatile piece of equipment that complements the Mat workout utilizing springs of different intensity and resistance.

** Spinal Correctors are the perfect equipment providing support for pregnant moms and people with postural issues.

PILATES REFORMER (Class Name: Reformer)

The Reformer has a bed-like platform that slides back and forth within the frame so that you can perform a variety of exercises in several different positions; lying on your back or on your belly, balancing on your hands and knees, sitting or even standing on top of a moving surface.

Reformer is designed to give proper resistance training. Using springs and ropes, you can better learn to control your muscles during a movement. Specific features of this apparatus such as the shoulder-pads and headrest help you maintain your posture especially if you are not strong enough to control it yourself.

Reformer also gives you the opportunity to work the whole body in a bio mechanically safe way.  It also strengthens muscles that are difficult to reach in any other way.

Reformer is another way to experience and practice the Pilates Method without putting too much stress on the spine or joints and a certified trainer helps you along in the process

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