Coming from a family of athletes of various sports, she always enjoyed movement and athletics. She found her passion initially in volleyball where she was called to join the regional Volleyball team at the age of 10 yrs old and later joined the National team.
She discovered Pilates, as part of a holistic functional training and was immediately drawn to the holistic health and the mind/body focus that the exercises demanded. She then moved to the UK and studied BA International Relations and Modern Languages at Manchester University. After years of Volleyball and Pilates complementary practice back in Colombia and the UK, she eagerly began the Pilates Comprehensive teacher training through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in South Africa. A believer in a well-rounded fitness approach, Paula added the Barre workout as part of her repertoire. This unique type of training has allowed her to combine her love of Pilates and movement to give her clients a fun and effective cardio & toning workout. She strongly believe that this versatile practice can transform anybody’s body, mind, and life as it has transformed her own.
Her deep knowledge of anatomy helps her to understand how the different positions affect the joints, muscles and bones in the body. This makes it possible for any knowledgeable trainer to make sure that the clients are performing all the techniques correctly, which will reduce the risk of injuries from occurring during training.

Paula is a very enthusiastic teacher with strong desire to help individuals in her class to develop optimal health and vitality in their lives. She loves her morning coffee, going for a good run, playing beach volleyball, and camping adventures with the family.